Bulk IP Address Leasing

Bulk IP Address Leasing (Rental)

Looking to lease bulk IPv4 addresses?

LogicWeb has over 1,200 C classes available (over 312,000 total IPs).

Totaling more than a dozen B classes and multiple A classes. These are great for SEO hosting, VPN Service Providers, Data Centers, ISP, Marketing Agencies and Colocation Providers.

We also have a /32 IPv6 Block Available for Leasing

We have a larger IPv4 address pool than any broker or competitor, with more flexibility and leverage for our customers. We provide DNS delegation, WHOIS updates at no extra cost. Our IP addresses are clean and you’ll be given your numbers before payment is made initially. Don’t be strangled by IPv4 depletion from ARIN, RIPE, APNIC and the rest. We’ve got you covered.

We provide the option of choosing mixed /24 C class subnets as well.

Skip the IPv4 Auction & Marketplace

Better Reliability & Savings

Global IPv4 Advertisement Provisioning

IP Address Leasing

We are not brokers. These are our own pool

Skip the IPv4 brokers and middle-man. Save money and ensure stability.

IPv4 Address monthly leases, no contracts.

  • No hidden fees or price increase
  • LOA Provision / Multi-home routing allowed globally
  • WHOIS & rDNS Updates
  • Geo-Location Updates via Maxmind / IP2Location
  • Flexible Mix of /24 Subnets
  • Justification Not Required
  • 100% Dedicated to Your Company, Never Shared
  • More Diversity of B / C Classes Than Brokers

Order Bulk IPv4 Addresses

For larger than /22 subnets, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page.
PLEASE NOTE 1st invoice is PRO-RATED for remainder of this month plus next month. Billing is 1st of each month thereafter.
/24256Global$200Order Now
/23512Global$400Order Now
/221,024Global$800Order Now

FAQ – Bulk IPv4 Leasing Questions

What size subnets do you offer?

Minimum /24 if you advertise on your own ASN. We provide over /14 subnets.

Terms of Leasing IPs

No contracts. Monthly subscription. First invoice pro-rated for current month plus following month. Renewals on the 1st of each month, automatic. No pro-rated refunds on cancellations.

How do I get the IPs?

We’ll email you an LOA (letter of authorization) that you forward to your upstream provider (ASN). They will advertise the IPs for you.

What are your AUP & Terms of Service?

Read our AUP here and our ToS here.

Do you offer money back guarantee on IPv4 lease?

No we do not. Prices fixed, no refunds/returns. No exceptions.

What are the prices for leasing IPs?

See above. For larger than /22, fill out the form below.

Do you offer diversified C classes?

Yes we do. Fill out the form below with details on your requirements and we’ll provide you available subnets to choose from. We have multiple B & C classes.

Can I use IPv4 at my own facility?

Yes, we provide you the LOA permitting you to advertise at your ASN. When you order, you’ll provide us the ASN.

Payment Methods Accepted?

We accept MC/Visa, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, checks and bank wire (ACH).

Do you offer IPv4 Rotation?

We can rotate one a month per subnet with $25 fee per subnet.

Please fill out the form below to request a quote on larger than /22 IPv4.

Please whitelist logicweb.com to ensure our response is sent directly to your inbox.