Web Hosting Technology

Speed, Optimization, Security + Latest Technology

We’re like IT tinkerers infatuated with technology, more speed and constant improvements for your ultimate web hosting experience.


Faster and more secured PHP

Whenever a technology or update is introduced, that makes php executions faster, you can count on us to implement it promptly on our servers. For example, we made it possible for our users to take advantage of PHP7, which is known for its great speed benefits, while it was still in beta.


Speedy Web Server Technology

We use NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all the websites we host. NGINX setup is included in all shared and reseller plans. It is also available for VPS and dedicated servers as part of the managed hosting services included.

SSD Disks

60x+ Faster Than Traditional HDD

Files and databases on all of our shared hosting plans are stored on cutting-edge Solid State Drive technology. SSDs provide for a 600x increase in input/output operations as compared to regular drives.


CloudFlare’s CDN reduces hops and lowers latency

CloudFlare operates out of 76 data centers around the world. This CDN automatically caches your static files at our edge nodes so these files are stored closer to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from your web server. CloudFlare then uses a technology called Anycast to route your visitors to the nearest data center. The result is that your website, on average, loads twice as fast for your visitors regardless of where they are located.


Optimized for Your WordPress & Other Scripting Software

For popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal we have built our proprietary caching backend. It speeds up dramatically the serving of the dynamic content of the sites too. Our web hosting servers allow website speed optimizations through memcached and other performance enhancement modules.


The Next Generation of the Internet

HTTP/2 is the newest network protocol, which significantly speeds up loading of websites in the browser. We are proud to be among the first hosts to support it on all our servers. HTTP/2 requires encrypted connection. To allow anyone take advantage of this great protocol we provide Let’s Encrypt free SSL Certificates.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

Automated Security for All Your Hosted Domains

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.To enable HTTPS on your website, you need to get a certificate (a type of file) from a Certificate Authority (CA). Let’s Encrypt is a CA. We provide this for all hosting customers inclusively in cPanel.