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VPS vs Dedicated Servers

VPS vs Dedicated Servers: Pros & Cons Comparison

VPS vs Dedicated So which platform is right for you? You do not need to be technically inclined to understand as our below comparison table will help you choose the best option for your personal site or business. VPS is a great option for those on a budget and want some flexibility such as root SSH access and standard SSD disks. Dedicated servers are more suitable for application/database intense usage and higher traffic sites. You can upgrade easily with 1-click from one VPS plan to another VPS plan seamlessly. No downtime involved. No data migration needed!

ID Protect: Easy Setup

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VPS vs Dedicated Servers Comparison

See below which platform is right for you. If you have any questions feel free to use our live chat or call us at 866-611-1556. We're here to answer your questions. We offer 20+ Linux O/S options and high customization add-ons including bulk Ipv4 / IPv6 address leasing, NAS storage, RAM/Disk space upgrades, port speed upgrades, etc.

PriceCheaperHigher Costs
PerformanceShared ResourcesFully Dedicated
SecuritySome ImplementationGreater Implementation
CustomizationLimited FlexibilityHighly Flexibile
UpgradesSimple 1 ClickMore Flexible, Time Consuming
O/S ReinstallInstantManual
Disk SpaceLimitedMuch Higher
Setup TimeInstantFew Hours
MonitoringSome InclusiveManual Setup
BackupsWeekly SnapshotManual Setup
Network PortGigEGigE Optional
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