vps hosting with nvme storage

VPS hosting with NVMe storage for ultra fast performance. Self-managed with root access and an intuitive VPS control panel for easy server management. You can lease bulk IPv4 subnets with our plans.

NVMe standard on all VPS plans for 10x faster speeds compared to SSD + ultra fast network performance.

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vps hosting plans

 VPS Plans Include

Fast Network
99.99% SLA
VPS Control Panel
Location NY 

v.box one

$7 / mo

  • 1 Core + 1GB RAM
  • 10GB NVMe Storage
  • 3TB Bandwidth
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v.box two

$12 / mo

  • 2 Cores + 2GB RAM
  • 25GB NVMe Storage​
  • 5TB Bandwidth
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v.box three

$18 / mo

  • 3 Core + 3GB RAM
  • 50GB NVMe Storage
  • 7TB Bandwidth
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v.box four

$25 / mo

  • 4 Cores + 4GB RAM
  • 75GB NVMe Storage
  • 10TB Bandwidth
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v.box five

$35 / mo

  • 5 Core + 5GB RAM
  • 100GB NVMe Storage
  • 12TB Bandwidth
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v.box six

$50 / mo

  • 6 Cores + 6GB RAM
  • 125GB NVMe Storage
  • 16TB Bandwidth
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v.box seven

$65 / mo

  • 7 Core + 7GB RAM
  • 150GB NVMe Storage
  • 20TB Bandwidth
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Standard Features

  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Fast Network Speeds
  • NVMe Storage
  • ROOT Access
  • VPS Control Panel


$100 / per month

crazy 8

  • 8 Cores + 8GB RAM
  • 200GB NVMe Storage
  • 30TB Bandwidth
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$150 / per month

12 gauge

  • 12 Cores + 12GB RAM
  • 250GB NVMe Storage
  • 30TB Bandwidth
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$200 / per month

16 cylinders

  • 16 Cores + 16GB RAM
  • 300GB NVMe Storage
  • 30TB Bandwidth
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vps hosting features

Full Root Access

Self-manage your VPS server with complete admin control.

Powerful Hardware

Nodes are dual CPUs with 1.5TB of RAM, 56 Cores.

99.99% SLA

Network is blazing fast, redundant and secure.


Optimal data performance, up to 10x faster than SSD based storage.

Control Panel

We provide 6 Linux options. Our recommended panel is CWP.


Propietary protection for your servers 24/7/365.

vps control panel & upgrade options

o/s reinstall

vnc console

resource stats

reboot / shutdown

bandwidth monitoring

firewall rules














self install


each ipv4 $3/mo
ipv6 /48 $25/mo
/24 $150/mo
/23 $250/mo
/22 $400/mo
/21 $800/mo




+5TB $25/mo
+10TB $50/mo
1G unmetered

Dedicated Server

Intuitive Control Panel

Managing your virtual server is made easy with our free vps control panel. You can quickly reboot, stop/start, repair or reinstall any Linux o/s of your choice. Check out server stats, logs, change IPs, access VNC and other useful features.

Mobile friendly intuitive user interface included as well. Secure access 24/7 whenever you need it.

Enhanced Server Performance

The number one reason to choose virtual server hosting is for the powerful dedicated resources at the more affordable VPS price. Our vps plans come with NVMe standard for 10x faster than SSD performance.

Every VPS comes with dedicated resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage. Lower latency and higher IOPs compared to usual SSD VPS. You get a powerful solution with dedicated resources for your applications and websites. 

frequenty asked questions

We're always here to help you.

"I needed help transferring from an old trusted server, and I got a new server already showing the same trustworthy service. Thanks."
Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your auto-renewing VPS hosting plan anytime before the 1st of the month, to avoid further billing.

Crypto / Bitcoin Payments

Sorry, we do not currently accept any form of bitcoin / crypto payments.

Data Center Location

Our primary data center location is in Commack, New York located at the 365 Data Center.

Money Back Guarantee

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee, hassle-free on VPS plans. Refunds does not apply to bulk IP leasing including IPv4 /27 or larger, and IPv6.

Payment Methods

AMEX, Discover, MasterCard / Visa, PayPal, Bank Wire, ACH.

Tech Support

24/7 tech support is provided through the customer portal ticketing system. We do not provide tech support via any other method.