Wolfe Gleitsman

While nobody is perfect, the support at LogicWeb makes a huge difference in my experience as a reseller hosting client. Whenever an issue has come up, they’ve been very helpful and make it clear that I’m valued as a customer, making sure the issue is resolved correctly. And their prices are very competitive- can’t overlook that.

Marlo Denning

Logic Web has been our hosting site for 5 years and we will never change. The customer service is wonderful and the staff are very helpful. I also had a problem with my iPhone not deleting mail from my business email and the iPhone advanced tech support could not figure it out. A Logic Web Tech actually took the time to use his own phone to find the setting to fix my problem and he emailed me all the details. I am truly happy with Logic Web and throughout the years we have only had a couple issues that were resolved promptly. Thank you Logic Web for everything and being a professional company.