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SSL Certificates

Why are SSL Certificates Important?

SSL Certificates are crucial for protecting private information and ecommerce transactions. Emails that you send, websites that you visit, and data that leaves your computer can be seen by more than just the intended recipient unless it is encrypted with an SSL cert. SSL is the protocol or standard for internet security, and working without it is akin to leaving your car unlocked in a bad neighborhood.

Free RapidSSL with Select Hosting Plans

  • RapidSSL

    Recommended for for small businesses

    $14.95 Year

    • RapidSSL Brand
    • Fast Setup
    • 256-bit SSL Encryption
    • Automated 2-step authentication
    • $10,000 Warranty
  • PositiveSSL

    Secures both www & non www domains

    $14.95 Year

    • Domain Validation SSL
    • 2048-bit SSL Encryption
    • Free Static Site Seal
    • Lifetime Free Reissue
    • Improve Your Google Rank
  • RapidSSL Wildcard

    Single Cert to secure unlimited sub-domains

    $149 Year

    • RapidSSL Wildcard
    • Fast Issuance
    • Unlimited Sub-Domains
    • Free Site Seal logo
    • $10,000 Warranty

Build Trust Every Step of the Way

Hackers can join any unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot – the same one your customers may be on – easily stealing their user information and taking control of their accounts. The results? Victims of identity theft can suffer privacy, data and financial loss. And the websites associated with security breaches risk negative publicity and loss of customer confidence, which can result in lost revenue.

Geotrust SSL CertificatesQuickSSL PremiumTrue Business IDTrue Business ID + EV
Validation TypeDomainDomainExtended
Trust LevelDeluxePremiumTop
Brand RecognitionHighHighHigh
Green Bar
Subdomains SecuredSingleSingleSingle
Site SealDynamicDynamicDynamic
Server Gated Cryptography
SSL Encryption256-bit256-bit256-bit
99% Browser Compatibility
Browser Security Lock
Mobile Device Compatibility
IDN Support
Yearly Cost$69$99$199
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