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SEO VPS Hosting with SSD

SEO VPS Hosting, Powered by SSD technology.

15 Years of VPS Hosting experience! We offer you the best performance, fastest support and most value than anyone else. Super fast in-house tech support 24/7/365

  • Hands-Off & Worry-Free

  • 99.9% Uptime

  • Easy Upgrades, No Downtime

Superior SEO Hosting

  • 300,000 IPv4 Addresses
  • SSD Standard Storage

Fast Provisioning

Fast, Reliable & Scalable SEO VPS Hosting

100% Dedicated C Class IPs. Never shared!












  • SEO #1

    Perfect Hosting for Small Websites

    $30 Month

    • 25GB SSD Storage
    • 1TB Bandwidth
    • 5 IP Address
    • 1 vCPU Core
    • 1GB RAM
  • SEO #2

    Web hosting with More Features

    $55 Month

    • 50GB SSD Storage
    • 1.5TB Bandwidth
    • 7 IP Address
    • 2 vCPU Core
    • 2GB RAM
  • SEO #3

    Performance Hosting for Developers

    $80 Month

    • 75GB SSD Storage
    • 2TB Bandwidth
    • 10 IP Addresses
    • 3 vCPU Core
    • 3GB RAM
  • SEO #4

    Perfect Hosting for Small Websites

    $110 Month

    • 100GB SSD Storage
    • 2.5TB Bandwidth
    • 12 IP Addresses
    • 3 vCPU Core
    • 4GB RAM
  • SEO #5

    Web hosting with More Features

    $140 Month

    • 125GB SSD Storage
    • 3TB Bandwidth
    • 15 IP Addresses
    • 4 vCPU Core
    • 6GB RAM

A fantastic, redundant virtual environment.

Our SEO VPS hosting packages are loaded and fully flexible, backed by our massive diversified IP address pool. Over 317,000 C class IP addresses!

Redundant Network

Our network backbone is a true tier-1 blend ensuring a 100% network uptime SLA and top quality speed throughput for our clients, globally.

Quality Hardware

We use only enterprise-grade Dell servers with SSD, RAID, redundant power & network, and top hardware performance internals only.

Any Location IP

We provide you free geo-location updates for your IP addresses (global) with Maxmind upon request.

Highly Flexible

We offer far more options than any competitor. More O/S flavors, control panel options, package choices and other add-ons.

Wide Array of O/S Options. Don’t see it here? We’ll install it anyway!

We offer you far more VPS options than competitors. More Linux flavors, more control panel options and greater value overall.

We can install virtually any other O/S upon request as well.
    • Clean, dedicated IPv4 addresses
    • SSD Standard Disk
    • Free Weekly Snapshot Backups
    • 24/7 Tech Support
    • Instant VPS Recovery
    • Root Access
    • Free O/S Reinstallations
    • Secure RAID Storage
    • Power Control
    • Quick Resets
    • Recovery Mode
    • Single Access All
    • Instant Reinstall
    • Deep Stats
    • VPS / Bandwidth Logs
    • VPS Resource Stats
    • Easy Upgrades (No Migration Required)
    • VNC Terminal
    • CentOS
    • ClearOS
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • FreeBSD
    • OpenSuse
    • ScientificLinux
    • Ubuntu
    • Ajenti
    • cPanel / WHM $30/mo
    • Centmin Mod LEMP Web Stack
    • Centos Web Panel
    • CyberPanel
    • Vesta
    • Webmin
  • IP Addresses

    Need more IP addresses? Simply open a ticket to request more IPs. Bulk available. $3/mo each.


    For only $2/mo per domain you can add additional SpamExpert licenses. Virtually zero spam, full admin dashboard. More info


    We’ll help you set up vps clustering across multiple nodes as needed for high availability


    Over 430+ free scripts installed easily with a single click! Only $3/mo per VPS.

Is your business in a growth spurt? Does your site experience traffic spikes? Try our SEO VPS server hosting today risk-free. SSD standard. 30-day money back promise.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee