Security Audit

LogicScan: Website Security Auditing & Monitoring

Active scanning based on several factors and algorithms to keep your site secure, avoid blacklisting, data intrusion and hack attempts.

We take hosting to the next level. Helping you guard your data.

You can request a free security audit every week at no cost, no file limits, no questions asked. We’ll provide you a deep-scan comprehensive scan of your entire account.

On Demand

We’ll perform on-demand scanning of files, directories and user accounts for suspected exploits, viruses and suspicious resources (files, directories, symlinks, sockets). We run scans of existing user data to see if exploits have been uploaded in the past or via methods not covered by the active scanning. It has been tuned for performance and scalability.

Exploit Detection

Comprehensive constant scanning of all user data which scans all user files as soon as they are modified. Exploit detection includes: Over 3000 known exploit script fingerprint matches (in addition to standard ClamAV detection), Regular expression pattern matching, Binary exeuctables, Suspicious file types / file names, so much more.

Over 3000 known exploit script fingerprint matches

Scanner checks for over 3000 known exploit script fingerprint matches, in addition to the standard ClamAV detection. The audit also looks for old versions of popular web scripts (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce)

Regex Pattern Match

Virus Scan

Bayes Probability Scan

Script Version Scan


Exploit Scan