How to Convert CentOS Linux 8 to CentOS Stream [2 Steps]

convert centos linux 8 to centos stream

How to Convert CentOS Linux 8 to CentOS Stream

CentOS Stream is a continuously delivered Linux distro, which tracks ahead of RHEL. It will have rolling release ie changes are made constantly.

CentOS is going to be an upstream build that will have testing patches and updates. With the end of the year 2021, Centos Linux 8 will end, the best option is to migrate to CentOS Stream 8.

CentOS 6 reached the end of life (EOL) on November 30, 2020. Redhat will continue to update CentOS Linux 7 till June 30, 2024. But there won’t be any CentOS 9 release anymore.

Are you currently using CentOS Linux 8 and like to convert to CentOS Stream, then follow the below 2 steps.

Step 1: Enable CentOS Stream Repo and set CentOS Stream repo as the default

$ sudo dnf swap centos-linux-repos centos-stream-repos

Step 2: Synchronize installed packages to the latest versions

$ sudo dnf distro-sync

You may expect to see some new packages getting added and updates with this migration. Step 3 might take a few minutes to complete.

Note: The command dnf install centos-release-stream and dnf swap centos-{linux,stream}-repos is now combined into single command so now you need only 2 simple commands to upgrade to CentOS stream.

Once completed your CentOS 8 would be converted to CentOS Steam release 8.

To verify open /etc/centos-release file using the following command.

$ cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS Stream release 8


Many CentOS users are not comfortable with this project move from the downstream build. Many users may tend to move to fixed release distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora.

A new project named Rocky Linux has already kicked off by the founder of the CentOS project which is a fork of RHEL which is currently in progress. CloudLinux has announced the release fork of RHEL 8, also going to be available very soon.

You can visit CentOS stream page to download an ISO image for a new installation.