AlmaLinux: Error: GPG check FAILED

If you’re trying to update AlmaLinux 8 via dnf update and you end up with “Error: GPG check FAILED” error, read below for a solution.

From AlmaLinux’s Blog:

Late last year we experienced a system failure that resulted in the loss of the master key that would allow us to extend the life of the GPG key that we use to sign packages for AlmaLinux 8, and it is set to expire in January of 2024. While we have ensured that this won’t happen again, some users will need to take specific steps to import the new GPG key.

If your device is running a little behind in updates for AlmaLinux 8, please read more below to identify the actions you need to take.

Getting ready for AlmaLinux 8 GPG key change

On January 12, 2024 we will start signing RPM packages and repodata for AlmaLinux 8 with the updated GPG key. Taking the steps below will allow you to continue to recieve updates without problems when we make the switch.

Fast track

If you want to make sure your system already includes and trusts new AlmaLinux 8 GPG key you can just import it:

rpm --import

This command imports new AlmaLinux 8 GPG key to rpm database if it’s not there yet, or does nothing if it’s already trusted. No more action required.

How to check your system and import new key

The new GPG key is included in the almalinux-release package version 8.8-3.el8 (released Oct 16, 2023) or higher. To see if your system already trusts the new AlmaLinux 8 GPG key you can run the following:

rpm -q gpg-pubkey-ced7258b-6525146f

If the new GPG key is already trusted, you will see the following message, and no further action is necessary:


If the GPG key is not trusted, you will see the following error:

package gpg-pubkey-ced7258b-6525146f is not installed

In this case we recommended that you import the new AlmaLinux 8 GPG key to the rpm database:

rpm --import

If your device is running in an airgapped environment, or does not have an external network connection, as long as the almalinux-release package version 8.8-3.el8 or higher is installed you can also import key directly from the file:

rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-AlmaLinux

What will happen if none of the above is done?

If your system is recent enough and you install updates on regular basis, nothing bad will happen. The new AlmaLinux 8 GPG key is included in almalinux-release package version 8.8-3.el8 or higher (released Oct 16, 2023).

In this case when trying to install package signed with the new key dnf may ask you to trust new key (this is exactly what happens when you install updates on clean just installed OS). If you use dnf with -y argument this will happen automatically.

BUT, if your system has not received updates for a long time and almalinux-release package version is lower than 8.8-3.el8 you will not be able to install packages signed with the new key until you manually import new GPG key as trusted.

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