Interworx Control Panel: Installation

The InterWorx team has spent a considerable amount of time making the install process for InterWorx Control Panel as simple and straightforward as it can be. Our installer script tries to compensate for differing systems and package mixes automatically.


  1. A server or supported VPS system of at least the minimum supported hardware configuration.
  2. A clean install of one of the supported operating systems. Please note: for new installs, the most up-to-date version of each OS is required.
  3. A valid active InterWorx Control Panel license key
  4. UIDs 102 → 107 and GIDs 102 and 103 must be free for use. Our build of the qmail MTA which InterWorx Control Panel uses requires these UID/GIDs to be available.
A CLEAN install is required in most cases.

How to: Install InterWorx Control Panel

  • Login to your Linux server as root, via SSH or Terminal.
  • Download and run the installer:
    sh <((curl -sL
  • Alternatively, download and run the installer with NO PROMPTING:
    sh <((curl -sL -l

After installation is complete you’ll want to activate your InterWorx Control Panel License. This can be done one of two ways:

  1. Web activation: Go to https://<your-ip>:2443/nodeworx . It will prompt you for your license key and an initial e-mail and password for the control panel.
  2. Command line activation: See: CLI license activation instructions.


The most common problem during the install is package conflicts between the packages being installed and those that are already on the system. The installer is very nice, in that it can be run and re-run as needed and will continue where it previously left off if you run into problems. Just keep an eye on the output for conflict errors, and remove any conflicting packages that are reported. After the conflicts are removed simply re-run the installer and it will continue.

The installer will try to remove packages preemptively for you (and prompt where necessary before it removes anything).
Official Documenation: link

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