cPanel/WHM Plugins

Name Function Developer License
Addon Domain Converter Converts addon domains to main domains A-AST commercial
APF Interface Provides APF management via WHM A-AST free
Breezi Website builder Breezi commercial
BuddyNS BuddyNS integration BuddyNS free
Bulk Password Changer Mass-changes cPanel and email passwords A-AST commercial
Bulk TTL Changer Mass-changes zone TTLs A-AST commercial
CSE Linux filesystem explorer from WHM ConfigServer free
CSF iptables-based firewall ConfigServer free
CMC Mod_security configuration interface ConfigServer free
CMM User email management from WHM ConfigServer free
CMQ Exim queue management ConfigServer free
cPnginx Nginx integration cPninx commercial
CPProtect Automated cPanel account backups A-AST commercial
cPsheild All-in-one security suite A-AST commercial
CXS Exploit scanner for web and FTP ConfigServer commercial
DNSSEC Integrates DNSSEC support for BIND A-AST commercial
Google Apps Wizard Google Apps cPanel interface GK~root free
LMD Linux malware detection A-AST commercial
MSFE MailScanner frontend integration ConfigServer commercial
Nginx Admin Nginx integration Nginx Admin free
ntFPMmanager Integrates PHP FPM support Nixtree commercial
ntPHPselector Installs multiple versions of PHP Nixtree free
ntServerGuard Real-time security scanning Nixtree commercial
ntVersionCheck Checks for outdated app installations Nixtree free
RFUS Monitors files uploaded via HTTP and FTP A-AST Commercial
RKHunter RKHunter integration into WHM A-AST free

EasyApache Plugins

Module Function Developer License
PHP Phalcon Compiles Phalcon support for PHP TCA Server Solutions free
Mod_Pagespeed Enabled mod_pagespeed for Apache Google free
ModProxyHTML Enables mod_proxy_html for Apache Alfonso Martinez free

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