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CPanel / WHM

  1.  How to Optimize Disk Space on cPanel / WHM Server
  2.  How to Install MongoDB on CentOS and cPanel
  3.  Install and Configure CSF (Config Server Firewall) on CentOS/Cpanel
  4.  Install Nginx as Reverse Proxy in cPanel
  5.  Install HTTP/2 with Easy Apache 4 (EA4) cPanel/WHM
  6.  How to install Google Pagespeed on Easy Apache 4 (EA4)
  7.  DoS/DDoS Mitigation with CSF Firewall
  8.  DMARC: Easy Setup in cPanel
  9.  cPanel Logs: Complete List of Logs for cPanel/WHM
  10.  Install Redis on CentOS/RHEL/cPanel
  11.  Enable HTTP/2 in cPanel/WHM with EA4
  12.  DMARC records in cPanel: How to Tutorial
  13.  Assign Dedicated IP Address to Subdomain or Addon Domain
  14.  cPanel Directory Structure
  15.  cPanel logs locations for Web, Mail, FTP, WHM and MySQL services
  16.  How to Update CURL on Centos & cPanel
  17.  How to Free up disk space on cPanel servers
  18.  How to increase Swap size on CentOS + cPanel
  19.  How to free up disk space on cPanel / WHM Server
  20.  How to Install Sphinx Search on cPanel / Linux
  21.  How to Enable Remote MySQL Management in cPanel
  22.  cPanel/WHM Plugins
  23.  How to Install cPanel / WHM
  24.  Install Memcached on cPanel server
  25.  WordPress Performance Tips
  26.  Error: DBD::mysql::db failed: Table ‘./eximstats/failures’ (How to Fix)
  27.  How to start a cPanel scheduled backup job manually
  28.  Domain Privacy + Whois Protection
  29.  How to Secure FTP by changing FTP Port number in Pure-FTP
  30.  Steps to secure a BIND DNS Server
  31.  IP Address Deny Manager
  32.  Password Protect Directories
  33.  MySQL Databases: Add, Configure, Delete
  34.  Nameserver configuration on cPanel servers
  35.  How to Register Private Nameservers


  1.  How to Install Pi-hole on Linux
  2.  Install Rkhunter
  3.  IPv4 Subnet Size Reference Chart
  4.  IPv6 Subnet Size Reference Chart
  5.  How To Add Secondary IP / Alias On Network Interface in RHEL / CentOS 7
  6.  How to Enable Root User in Ubuntu 14
  7.  Update PHP 5.6 on CentOS/RHEL 7.2 and 6.8 via Yum
  8.  How to Check Internet Upload / Download Speed from command Line on Linux
  9.  Network Speed: Download Test Files
  10.  10 Tips on How to Speed Up XenForo Forum
  11.  How to Install and Configure SQUID Proxy server in RHEL/CENTOS
  12.  How to verify DDOS attack with netstat command on Linux Terminal
  13.  How To : Change Speed and Duplex of Ethernet card in Linux
  14.  TCPDUMP Commands – A Network Sniffer Tool
  15.  How to Update CURL on Centos & cPanel
  16.  Find NIC Model Number, Driver and Firmware information in Linux
  17.  How to increase Swap size on CentOS + cPanel
  18.  How to install an OS through IPMI
  19.  How to Clear RAM Memory Cache, Buffer and Swap Space on Linux
  20.  Installing PostgreSQL 9.4 And phpPgAdmin In CentOS 7/6.5/6.4
  21.  How to Boot into Single-User Mode in Linux via KVM / IPMI
  22.  Linux Bash Commands: A-Z
  23.  How to Find Out if a Drive is a SSD or an HDD
  24.  Install And Configure Nagios 4 On CentOS 7
  25.  How to Delete Files Older Than x Days on Linux
  26.  How to configure HTTP load balancer with HAProxy on Linux
  27.  Ajenti: How to Install on CentOS / RHEL
  28.  How to Install PostgreSQL 9.3 on CentOS/RHEL and Fedora
  29.  Install ownCloud Server
  30.  Centos Web Panel (CWP): Install
  31.  Interworx Control Panel: Installation
  32.  Install LAMP Server (Nginx, MariaDB, PHP) On CentOS 7
  33.  Vesta Control Panel – Install How To
  34.  View Hardware Specs In Linux Using Facter And Dmidecode
  35.  How To Install PostgreSQL 9.3 And phpPgAdmin In CentOS 7/6.5/6.4
  36.  How To Check CPU Information In Three Different Ways In Linux
  37.  How To Get Information About Your Hardware With hwinfo Utility
  38.  How to capture packets and Block DDOS DNS attack
  39.  Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) On RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux
  40.  How To Install OpenVPN On CentOS 7
  41.  How to install LAMP stack on Ubuntu server
  42.  How to block unwanted IP addresses on Linux
  43.  How to upgrade kernel in Centos
  44.  Regular Expressions Tutorial
  45.  Understanding File Permissions
  46.  How to install OwnCloud 7 on Centos
  47.  How to Install Asterisk 11 on CentOS 6
  48.  How to Bind a Range of IPs in Linux
  49.  Linux Virtualisation Cheat Sheet
  50.  How to: Tar / Zip Files & Directories
  51.  Trace Network Connections
  52.  SSH Commands List for Beginners
  53.  Repair MySQL Databases via SSH
  54.  How to Mount a Secondary Drive as Backup
  55.  Disk Space Usage
  56.  Check Port Usage
  57.  Check for Installed RPMs
  58.  Increase /tmp Partition

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