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IPv4 Ordering Process

IPv4 Ordering Process

Ordering bulk IPv4 or IPv6 addresses from LOGICWEB is simple.

NOTE: You do not require to have your own ASN. You simply provide us the ASN (numerical info) of your dedicated server provider or upstream (bandwidth provider) who will announce our IP addresses on your behalf. If you do not have this info, please contact your provider to request this number.

Step 1

Click order button for the IPv4 or IPv6 subnet size you want on this page. Make sure you fill out all fields correctly including ASN (numerical number) where they will be used and geolocation if applicable.

Step 2

We email you a one page PDF file, the LOA (Letter of Authorization). You provide that LOA to your ASN.

Step 3

Your network provider will route the IP addresses to your server(s) accordingly. All support is handled strictly with you and them at this point.

Additional Information

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