Do you offer free migration?

Absolutely we do! Unlike our competitors, we offer 100% free anytime migration on all shared and reseller plans. We offer no limits on size per account transfer nor number of accounts to be transferred over. We’re here to provide you exceptional service. To request migration from your old cPanel host, simply open a support ticket and provide following info: for shared hosting, domain’s username & password. For Reseller Plans: you must use the cPanel backup manager on the old host to remotely FTP the backup to our server, for each account you want migrated and restored. No other methods for migration can be used (ie. root or WHM login). We cannot migrate you from a reseller account to a shared account.

PLEASE NOTE We have no control over any migration attempt failures coming from the old hosting provider. If we cannot migrate you over due to errors caused by the old host, you will have to migrate manually via FTP or use the backup manager on the old host (if they have this option enabled for you) to transfer backup files to our server. From there, we can restore the backup files.

What is your uptime?

We provide a 99.9% SLA guarantee. We take great measures to ensure everything is fully redundant including network backbone, power, server storage and services.

Test IP Address for Ping / Traceroute

You can ping our DNS address or

How long does it take to activate my order?

Shared hosting accounts are activated instantly upon your order payment. If you ordered upgraded vCPU/RAM that feature will be applied within a few minutes after, during normal sales hours. Reseller accounts are usually set up within a few minutes, up to an hour after order is placed during normal sales hours. VPS orders also about 1-2 hours during normal sales hours. Dedicated servers may take 1-3 business days depending on package and customizations.

Are backups included?

We provide automated daily backups for all shared and reseller hosting plans (1 day retention), included at no extra cost and no limits. We provide free weekly VPS snapshot backups as well, at no additional cost.

What are your web hosting hardware specs?

Our server hardware specs changes time to time, increasing in power and efficiency.

  • Dual Hex-core Xeon CPUs
  • 32GB+ RAM
  • RAID SSD Drives
  • GigE Uplink + Redundant Power & Network
Tech Support Information

Fast 24/7 Support

We offer 24/7/365 in-house tech support via our ticketing system found at //www.logicweb.com/billing/ . We do not currently offer tech support via live chat, email or phone as this is not a convenient nor secure, efficient way of providing our clients proper customer support. All tickets are logged for future reference and much more streamlined in viewing copy/paste error messages, login credentials when needed, actual code/server content then via live chat or phone.

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept MC/Visa, AMEX, Discover, PayPal and Bank Wire as methods of payment. est

Where is your data center located?

Our facility is located at the IO data center in Edison, NJ (USA).

What are my nameservers?

All shared hosting clients use ns1.logicweb.com and ns2.logicweb.com. If you are a reseller, vps or dedicated server customer your nameservers would be emailed to you.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Yes. On all shared, reseller and VPS plans we offer a full 30-Day money back guarantee. For the full guarantee policy details, please click here to read the details and certain restrictions.

What version do you use for…

On all shared and reseller servers, we utilize the latest stable versions of Centos (64-bit) and cPanel / WHM. cPanel comes with their integrated version of of popular server modules such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Apache, etc. We always keep up to date to the latest, stable version cPanel provides inclusively.

Do you allow adult content?

We do not allow any type of sexual, adult, gambling, illegal copyrighted file sharing (p2p) content on our network.