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What is an LOA? (Letter of Authorization)

What is an LOA? (Letter of Authorization)

An Letter of Authorization (LOA) is a legal document (we email to you in PDF format) in which you forward to your upstream provider (generally dedicated server provider). This permits them to announce our IP addresses you lease from us, on their network.

You do not require to have your own ASN. You simply provide us the ASN (numerical info) of your dedicated server provider or upstream (bandwidth provider) who will announce our IP addresses on your behalf. If you do not have this info, please contact your provider to request this number.

LogicWeb has  317,000+  IPs Available for Monthly Rental

317,000+ IP addresses totaling more than a dozen B classes and multiple A classes. These are great for SEO hosting, VPN Service Providers, Data Centers, ISP, Marketing Agencies and Colocation Providers. LogicWeb also has a huge /28 IPv6 Block available for monthly or annual rent.

Why Rent Bulk IPv4 Addresses from LogicWeb?

Fast LOA Provision. Monthly subscription. No contracts. Dedicated to you. No price hikes.

  • Security by leasing direct with us
  • No hidden fees or price increase
  • Fast Same Day LOA Provisioning
  • WHOIS Updates & DNS Delegation
  • Geolocation: Any Global Location*
  • 15 Years Expertise & Reliability
  • Justification Not Required
  • 100% Dedicated to Your Company
  • Diversity of B/C Classes
  • Any Global Location Routing


* Geolocation updates take 3-7 days estimate with 3rd party database providers. You must specify the location you want upon ordering or via support ticket. We submit updates to: Maxmind, DB-IP, IP Info, IP Geolocation, IPHub. IP2location can also be updated only if the IP subnet is physically routed in the same location as the geolocation requested (their policy).

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