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Unlimited cPanel SSD Shared Hosting

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Instant Activation

Your account will be activated instantly upon ordering. Try us risk-free for 90 days!

Daily Backups

Everything is automatically backed up entirely, everyday. Free restores upon request.


Virtually zero spam & malware filtering for a more secured email experience. Learn more.

Free Migration

We'll migrate your sites over from your cPanel host. No charge. No account or size limits.

SSD cPanel Shared Hosting



  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Hosted Domains
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Free Dedicated IP Address
  • Free Domain (annual plan)

Unlimited Hosting Policy

What do you mean "Unlimited"? What we mean is, you don’t have to worry about disk storage or network transfer when your site gets popular. However, you may be asked to sign up for your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server if we notice that you're mainly doing file hosting or the likes. Please read the "what is not allowed" section below. The purpose of providing 'unlimited' storage is for the customers' peace of mind knowing their site can grow freely whether it be a shopping cart site or WordPress blog or their general business website. We value your satisfaction and your business.

Unlimited Databases

You’re allowed an unlimited number of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. In regards to this, in the interest of server stability we request that you try to keep your databases routinely optimized and no larger than a few GB in size. We do not technically put a limit on database size, but in the best interest of everyone, we advise you to consider moving large database based websites to a VPS or dedicated server. We will even assist you in migration for free. You can keep your databases(s) optimized using the provided phpMyAdmin for MySQL or PGAdmin control panels.

What is not allowed?

Brief examples:

- Copyrighted content to which you do not hold distribution rights.
- File upload / sharing / archive / mirroring / distribution sites.
- A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
- Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.

Please be sure to read and comply by our AUP and TOS as well.


All of our web hosting servers are loaded with CloudLinux. CL creates a virtual environment for each individual account on a shared server and allows us to limit the resources any single account can use. Gone are the days of a single account taking up every single CPU on the machine because it wants to. This brings a lot of benefits to the table for end users and us as a host. There are virtually no service interruptions, and the speed of your websites improve drastically as the server's resources are continually stable. You benefit from the lower server load and virtually no service interruptions.


CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own 'cage'. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.

The benefits of CageFS are:
Only safe binaries are available to user
User will not see other users or detect presence of other users
User will not be able to see server configuration files
User's will have limited view of /proc file system

cPanel / WHM ResellerHosting

cPanel Dashboard

Our version of cPanel comes with lots of extra features and tools other hosts do not provide including mobile friendly access.

cPanel / WHM ResellerHosting

SpamExpert Filtering

Our incoming email filters have an industry leading rate of nearly 100% filtering accuracy with close to 0 false positives. Free for main domain. Learn more.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Disk / Data

We provide you unlimited SSD disk storage and unmetered bandwidth. Please read about our unlimited policy above.

1-Click Install Hosting

330+ 1-Click Install

Hundreds of 1-click install scripts that instantly install software such as WordPress or Magento shopping cart on your account for you.

CDN Hosting

Cloudflare CDN

We provide a free basic Cloudflare CDN tool built right into your cPanel. Can be enabled per site freely as you need.

SSD Web Hosting

Hardcore Servers

Dual HexCore Xeons, 16GB+ RAM, RAID enterprise grade SSD drives, GigE uplink for optimal performance. 99.9% Network SLA

Ruby on Rails Hosting

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Ruby on Rails support provided built in with cPanel.

SSH Access

You get jailed ssh access upon request. We know this comes handy for developers.

SSD Performance vs HDD

We use only enterprise-grade SSD drives on all shared hosting servers for the most optimal performance. The SSD drive has no moving parts. It uses flash memory to store data, which provides better performance and reliability over an HDD. Because there are no moving parts and due to the nature of flash memory, the SSD generates less heat, helping to increase its lifespan and reliability.

SSD Hosting
Web Hosting Security

Security Conscious

We know security is essential and we take that into consideration first and foremost. We apply several layers of security on our servers from intrusion protection, DDoS protection, PHP, Database and DNS tweaks along with various other methods we employee to virtually eliminate any possible intrusion into our systems.

Huge Script Vault

We provide you with over 330+ of your favorite software that can be installed at the click of a button. This includes software such as WordPress, Magento cart, phpBB forum, Drupal, MediaWiki and so many more in every category you can imagine: Wikis, Shopping, Galleries, Forums, Blogs, Social, Polls, Support, etc.

Softaculous Hosting

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