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  • I have joined LogicWeb 9 years ago, when they were operating as Virtuoso Net Solutions, and since then I am very pleased with the excellent services at an affordable price and great support they provide. My issues were always handled very promptly by very knowledgeable staff and I always get quick and friendly responses to any questions I have. I look forward to doing business with LogicWeb for a long time to come.

    Budimir Lazic,
  • I've been with LogicWeb for around a decade. They're one of a few hosting companies I use, but they're at the top of my list. They are reliable and they provide very good and responsive service. Their prices are competitive. They work with me on issues and don't just blame me. It's sad to say a lot of companies wash their hands of their client's problems, but LogicWeb is not one of those companies. I definitely recommend them.

  • I've been with logicweb since they were virtuoso and very small. They have done nothing but improve in all areas and the last two years have really become very responsive, courteous and efficient. Kudos to all.

  • These guys are pros and I have been associated with them for a long time now. If you come across any issues whatsoever, they will put in their best efforts to get them solved. Also they seem to have the latest stable versions of software loaded up.

  • My company has been with Logicweb for years. This company is amazing with support. I had a couple issues with my company email, one call to logicweb and they assisted me to correct issues I had on my end. They are extremly reliable, I have had no service interuptions at all. Logicweb supports my whole corporate team and we are very pleased with there service, pricing and reliability.

  • I've been with them for many years and I now have two VPS units with them hosting several dozen sites. They just keep getting better and better... The support is always very helpful and prompt, and the servers themselves seem extremely fast (my smaller 512MB/20GB partition reliably outperforms a 2GB dedicated machine I host with another company). Thanks guys!

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